Meditation and Psychotherapy

As mentioned in the previous post on July 11th, 2017, meditation can be helpful when the focus in psychotherapy includes or is primarily aimed at transcending the ego or the conventional sense of self.  Patients often have some familiarity with one or more forms of meditation and may have an existing practice when psychotherapy begins.  In that case, the therapist’s role is to try...[ read more ]

Ego, Authentic Self, Spirit

In it’s healthy form, the ego is a great asset. It is the part of the mind that allows us to use good judgment, balance instinctual urges with any excessive restrictions of a harsh conscience, perceive reality accurately, exert proper impulse control, monitor healthy boundaries, and think clearly. These are all skillful means for getting on in the world. In...[ read more ]

Silence In Psychotherapy

At first glance, it may seem odd to think about silence in psychotherapy, which is sometimes called “the talking cure”. One might think there wouldn’t be much silence in the process, and sometimes there’s not. However, there can be productive periods of silence, especially in contemplative psychotherapy, and in in-depth traditional psychotherapy. This type of silence has a specific feel...[ read more ]

Mirroring the True Self

What does it mean to say that the True Self is accurately seen and empathically mirrored?  This refers to one person being able to reflect another’s essential or spiritual nature. It could be said that we are doing this to and for each other constantly, with or without the awareness of both people involved.  In Contemplative Psychotherapy, the intention of the therapist is to explicitly...[ read more ]

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