Can The Therapist Hold the Frequency?

In this post, I’d like to describe an important element of psychotherapy that is not often talked about explicitly. I’m referring to the therapist’s ability to maintain what Eckhart Tolle calls the state of presence. This is a state of alert stillness with no tension, which is healing in and of itself; Eckhart has referred to it as “the collapse of a problematic sense of self”. This state, which often includes a strong sense of aliveness, can be present in any form of psychotherapy. However, it tends to be present more often and for longer periods of time in Contemplative Psychotherapy, where including the spiritual dimension is an explicit part of the process.

The state of presence has a definite frequency, which is characterized by the ability to hold thoughts lightly and to recognize their relative importance. With this comes a sense of joy and ease; it’s a peaceful feeling which can be present even in the midst of examining conflicts and problems.

Therapists differ greatly in their understanding of and ability to hold the frequency of presence. Many are not familiar with it at all or have only a vague notion of what it’s about. Unless the therapist has experience with their own contemplative practice, they are not likely to be able to bring this dimension into the therapeutic process. This is an issue that can be discussed and explored openly in the early stage of deciding if the therapist-client relationship is a good fit.
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