Psychotherapy and Quantum Entanglement

There’s an important aspect of psychotherapy that can best be explained by referring to the physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement
(I can imagine some readers here thinking, “Wait….what?”). Let me explain. Quantum entanglement refers to a well demonstrated process in which
two particles in close proximity become mysteriously linked, so that a change in one simultaneously brings about the same change in the other, even if the
particles are later separated by vast distances. Even Einstein recognized this phenomenon, referring to it as “spooky action at a distance”.

Bear with me here. In psychotherapy, regardless of their theoretical persuasion, the therapists’ intent is to create a healing atmosphere. To the extent they
are successful in doing so, a therapeutic “force field” comes into being between therapist and client. Whether this is subtle or more powerful, it is a palpable thing.

From the perspective of quantum entanglement, if the therapist holds a healing frequency in this field, the client would naturally feel and move into this rhythm of empathic resonance. Furthermore, this field of healing energy would not be limited to the office setting. In fact, it would not be limited in time or physical space at all.

In other words, once this field is generated, the healing process would continue between sessions, regardless of how much time or space separates the therapist and client, or the sessions.

This is consistent with comments I often hear from clients in therapy; “I can tell this process is helping me, it’s working on me even between sessions”, “I’m learning to be present to myself even when I’m not here”, etc. I am proposing that this phenomenon is often, possibly always present in successful psychotherapy, regardless of any other methods that may be utilized in the process.

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